Braces Are Not Just for Teenagers

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Braces Are Not Just for Teenagers When you hear someone talk about getting braces, you may immediately think of teenagers, but the truth is that more and more adults are choosing this option to straighten teeth at any age. Invisalign braces make it easy to create a bea [...]

Improve Your Self Esteem with a Smile

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If you want to see how you appear to others, take out a photo album and look at your smile. Compare how you smile to others in the photos. Are your teeth visible, or do you smile with a closed mouth? Do you mumble because talking louder requires you to open your mouth [...]

Even Adults Need Braces

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While it is clear to see that not everyone got the orthodontic care they needed when they were young, there are still many adults who do not want to walk around with metal braces to straighten their teeth and beautify their smile. That is where Orange County Invisalign [...]

Invisible Braces for a Beautiful Smile

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No matter what your age there’s a chance that you have some part of your smile which needs attention. The days of “railroad track” metal braces are behind you; with Orange County Invisalign braces you can correct your crooked teeth with little impact on your day to day [...]

Dr. Kurt Schneider’s Orange County Invisalign

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Orange County Invisalign can resolve gaps and misaligned bites with minimal discomfort. An alternative to the distinctive metal braces of old, Invisalign earned its name due to its low-key appearance. Orange County Invisalign treatment Dr. Kurt Schneider and his Orange [...]

Orange County Invisalign Services

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Orange County Invisalign treatment by Dr Kurt Schneider can give your perfectly straight teeth without the discomfort of old-school metal braces. Invisalign will make short work of gaps, misaligned bites and the overall appearance of your smile. Dr K Schneider’s Orange [...]

Orange County Invisalign specialists

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If straight teeth have long eluded you, Dr. Kurt Schneider may be the answer to your prayers. His Orange County Invisalign treatment will make short work of gaps, misaligned teeth, and your overall smile. Dr. K. Schneider’s Orange County Invisalign treatment Dr. Schnei [...]

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