Take the Fear Out of Your Root Canal

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While the term "root canal" may instill fear in dental patients, the reality is that dental technology has advanced tremendously in recent years, giving you the opportunity to have a root canal with minimal discomfort. Your Newport Beach dentist will guide you through [...]

Options for Hereditary Dental Issues

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Sometimes, no matter how good you are about taking care of your teeth, your genes just will not cooperate. Every time you look in the mirror in your Orange County home, you become a little more afraid to smile, because you do not like the way your teeth look. In fact, [...]

How Dental Implants Change Everything

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Orange County dental implants can change your life. If you have unhealthy teeth or you have been living with a partial plate, you know that you do not even eat like you want to because you are afraid that something worse will happen to your smile. Speaking of smiles, y [...]

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

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For people looking for Orange County dental implants, one of the most pressing questions is whether or not the implants are permanent. After all, why not just get a plate or a partial if Orange county dental implants aren’t permanent? For the most part, dental implants [...]

All Dental Implants Are Not Created Equally

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Dental implants can really help those struggling with their self-esteem, due to issues with their teeth.  These implants are a way for those with tooth problems to appear normal, again.  Unfortunately, people tend to judge those with teeth problems, which can be devast [...]

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