You Are Never too Old for Braces

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For some reason, people tend to think that you can’t get braces after you pass the teen years. So, what happens to the people who grew up without insurance? What about the people whose parents just did not think getting braces was important? If you are afraid to deal w [...]

Dr. Schneider’s Newport Beach Invisalign

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That perfect Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted is within reach thanks to Newport Beach Invisalign expert Dr. K. Schneider. If you’re keen to fix your teeth alignment but are put off by traditional braces, Invisalign may just be the perfect fit for you. Dr. Schneider [...]

Newport Beach Invisalign treatments

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Have you always longed for that perfect, winning smile? Well now it’s in reach thanks to Invisalign and Dr. Schneider. If you want to correct your teeth alignment but worry about filling your mouth with traditional braces, Invisalign treatment is the perfect solution f [...]

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