Popular Tooth Replacement Options

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If you need one or more teeth replaced, you may not be aware of all the options you have and what they entail. Dentistry has come a long way in the past decade or so and there are now options that show more understanding of cosmetics than ever before, but those options [...]

Tips To Prepare for Dental Implants

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The things you need to do to prepare for Irvine dental implants will depend largely on how your current dental situation is and how much work is to be done. It takes 6-8 months for implants to fuse to the bone and during this time you probably want to have something in [...]

Tips for avoiding Irvine dental implants

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No one wants their teeth to run into problems; taking the right dental care is essential in order to make sure you’ll never need work.   Luckily, great dental hygiene is usually straightforward. Follow the right steps and Irvine dental implants will never become a [...]

Irvine dental implants by Dr. K. Schneider

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Are you contemplating Irvine dental implants? While the two-part procedure may initially sound daunting, in reality it’s a simple, safe process. Dr. Schneider’s team will be happy to explain the procedure to you in detail. That way before you move forward you’ll know p [...]

What to expect from Irvine dental implants

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So, you’re considering having Irvine dental implants? Getting them installed may initially sound scary but in reality, it’s a simple and effective procedure that will leave you feeling great. At Dr. Schneider’s, we’ll explain the procedure in as much detail as you like [...]

Get your smile back: Irvine Dental Implants

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If you’re in the Orange County area and you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist, choose Dr. Kurt Schneider. With over two decades’ experience in the dental trade, Dr. Schneider specializes in comprehensive, implant, sedation, and cosmetic dentistry. We appreciate the sel [...]

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