Take the Fear Out of Your Root Canal

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While the term "root canal" may instill fear in dental patients, the reality is that dental technology has advanced tremendously in recent years, giving you the opportunity to have a root canal with minimal discomfort. Your Newport Beach dentist will guide you through [...]

Why Dental Health Is So Important

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Do you avoid your Newport Beach dentist until you absolutely cannot take the pain anymore? You really should see your dentist on a regular basis, not just so you can avoid ever being in pain, but so you can tend to your overall health. Your Newport Beach dentist can gi [...]

Go to a Cosmetic Dentist?

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There are several reasons to go to an Orange County cosmetic dentist. You may have inherited genes that had an impact on the state of your teeth. Maybe you were in a car accident and you need to help your mouth recover from it. Maybe you just don’t like the way your te [...]

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