Dr. Schneider and his friendly staff did an amazing job fixing my teeth. I had old bonding that needed to be removed and they replaced it with fabulous porcelain veneers. I am so excited that I no longer have to worry about my damaged teeth and I can now smile wide and proud! Thanks so much!

Jillian O.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Schneider for about 15 years in Mission Viejo. Although going to the dentist is never something you look forward to, Dr. Schneider’s professional manner and his staff’s friendly and attentive care made each visit as pleasant as possible. I truly believe my dental health is in good hands.

Thanks so much,
Kathy S.

Dear Dr. Schneider and Staff,
What a special moment when I had straight bottom teeth for the first time in 40 years. What a joy it is to throw away bridges and brush “real” teeth. Thank you for your kindness, patience, and expertise. You have truly been a blessing to me.

Carol D.

Hey There,

Love your office! Sometimes I need to remember/share why I chose your practice. I believe I’m a very difficult patient to please as I work in dentistry. My expectations and knowledge of the industry would frustrate any dentist. It is because of your commitment, skills (you’ve been honored by the elite) and yes even the materials you use that keeps me a raving fan. Dentistry is such a noble profession where a healthy beautiful smile can change a person’s life. Thank you for changing lives daily.

Bete J.

Dear Kurt & Staff,

I’ve been a patient for 20 years and I tell all my friends, “If you want it done right have Kurt do it. He’s the best!”

Barbara P.

Kurt & Staff,

I’ve been a patient of yours for 20 years ?? And I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else!! Your wonderful staff, your professionalism, but most importantly your caring touch has meant so much to me. You all are one of a kind and puts me at ease when coming for my dental work-root canals & crowns I almost look forward to!

Sharon & Dalton L.

Dear Kurt & Staff,

I am so impressed with how professional & personable all of you are….I actually look forward to my dental visits! I feel blessed to know all of you!

Lisa B.

Dr. Schneider has been my dentist for many years – ever since he took over the practice of my previous dentist. It quickly became evident that I was now privileged to be receiving an exceptional level of skill and care. I have been impressed with Dr. Schneider’s commitment to staying on top of the latest knowledge and technology in the field of dentistry. That extends to training of his excellent staff, as well as equipping his office. When problems arise, I am thoroughly informed about them, optically shown what is going on in my mouth, and made aware of the options for treatment. Dr. Schneider has always followed-up with a phone call to make sure I’m doing alright after a filling or other extensive procedure. Preventative care is also emphasized, going well beyond routine cleaning, with suggestions for improving oral and general health and safeguarding the teeth.

Over the past few years Dr. Schneider has provided successful treatment for me in three crucial areas: gum grafts to reinforce bridge anchors; a special retainer to straighten a crooked front tooth; and application of beautiful veneers to head off disastrous cracking of my upper front teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Schneider.

Walter R.

Dear Dr. Schneider and Staff,

I just thought maybe I’d better put in writing what I’ve already told you—I am so glad you are my dentist! After my car accident, especially, you made such an incredible “above and beyond” effort to get me in the very day I called with broken and missing teeth. I was so distressed and you helped me feel safe and taken care of, and I knew that sometime in the future my teeth would be almost as good as new. I so appreciate being treated as part of a team. All your staff has made me so “at home”. That’s an added blessing. The greatest thing about my smile now is I no longer think about it. I used to be so self-conscious about it, and now I just know it looks great! So, thank you, again, for your expertise, tenderness, and prayers! Blessings!

Colleen B.


You have the prettiest clinic that I have ever seen. You are the only dentist that let’s us eat cookies without guilt. I love that you call me after you have worked on my teeth and see how I am doing. I love that you are my friend and not just my dentist. I feel you value me.

Thank you,
April M.

Dr. Schneider and Girls,

I appreciate your caring attitude of being truly a servant in your work. It goes hand-in-hand with your expertise in the professional field of dentistry.

Thank you!
Kip D.

You are incredible!! Thank you for being a wonderful friend – It’s just an added bonus that you’re a sensational dentist!

Janie P.

Thank you so much, Dr. Schneider. I love my smile! I could not be happier!

Shannon B.

Dr. S & Staff Family-
What can I say but they “rock”?
I love coming here, where every where else I dreaded, but this team makes every visit “pleasurable”.
I love them all!

Vicki C.

Both my husband and I have been Dr. Schneider’s patients for over 15 years. We have been extremely pleased with his professionalism and his friendship. His staff is always so friendly and helpful. We are very pleased patients and highly recommend him & his staff. Thanks for such good care always!

Nancy P.

Dear Dr. Schneider,
I am 43 years old. I once had a very irrational fear of dentistry. So much so, that I did not visit a dentist for regular check ups for about twelve years. My attitude was such that if I developed a problem with a tooth, then pulled it. That all changed when I visited Dr. Schneider after reading about his new office in The Saddleback Valley News two years ago. I could tell as soon as I entered the office that this was going to be a different experience. From the initial consultation to come up with a treatment plan, to being fitted with a crown. Every aspect is conducted extremely professionally. I now get my teeth cleaned every four months and actually look forward to the appointment. I even went for a root canal without any anxiety. Thanks to Dr. Schneider I will probably have my own teeth the rest of my life.

Paul W.

Dear Dr. Schneider,

I used to cry before I went to the dentist because it was my biggest fear and now I don’t. Today I feel totally comfortable here and I trust you and everyone at your office. I don’t feel like you are judging me for my lack of responsibility for my teeth and I
no longer have pain after having dental work done. You always explain everything to me and you always give me all my options. I know you really care about me and my well being because you took the time to battle it out with my insurance company which is unheard of for doctors to do on their personal time. Thanks to you the insurance company reimbursed me a substantial amount of money. And last but not least, thank you for always taking the time to call me in the evening after every dental procedure to see how I’m doing.

Dana C.

When my husband and I started coming to your office we noticed a difference between you and other dentists right away. We were so impressed with your professional and friendly staff along with all your up to date dental equipment and practices. But most importantly we have really been impressed with the care you have given to us. Recently I had trouble with my molar and you worked so patiently and generously until the problem was resolved. Thank you so much for being so ethical in your practice. I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Christina P.

Dr. Schneider & Staff,

We want to thank you for the wonderful service and your warm and friendly atmosphere. As nice as your office is, it’s the people of your office–you and your staff—that make our dental experience such a blessing. To call our dentist a friend…someone who will explain the procedures and care to see if everything is alright and most importantly will include us in his prayers. Thank you for being our friends and for taking such great care of our teeth. All of God’s best,

Scott & Stephanie V.

Hi Dr. Schneider & Staff!

I just wanted to say “thank you” for taking such good care of Jack & me. Jack’s actually happy to come to the dentist, doesn’t avoid it, and I love how you and your great staff take the time to get to know patients, to educate them, and to do an A+ job! My teeth are happy…We love what you do—Thank you!

Warm wishes,
Coleen & Jack S.

PS: The cookies really make me even happier when I’m here!!

I love this group of professionals because you make me feel safe and taken care of—somebody who really watches my health.

Laura G.

Kurt & Staff,

The office is great! The staff are very polite and very professional. I would refer anyone to your office because of the excellent work you perform! Your office & staff are by far the best I’ve been in since moving to California in 1964. Thanks for a great dinner and your friendship.

Jim G.

Thank you, one and all, for a wonderful dental experience.

Roslyn S.