Sedation Dentistry

Thanks to conscious oral sedation dentistry, Dr. Schneider can often complete years of needed treatment in just a couple of visits. Most oral sedation dentistry patients nap through their appointments and leave feeling relaxed, healthy, and well cared for.

How Dr. Schneider Helps Patients with Sedation Dentistry
There are a variety of treatment options and services available to oral sedation patients. The sedation treatment process always begins with a consultation. You speak directly with Dr. Schneider to discuss your needs and concerns. Then you meet one-on-one with a highly trained care specialist who gathers your health history information and works with Dr. Schneider to complete your initial exam.

After your consultation and initial exam, we schedule a separate appointment for you. Dr. Schneider prescribes appropriate medications in pill form that you take in advance of your treatment appointment.

During your treatment appointment Dr. Schneider and his care team make sure that you are relaxed and resting comfortably. We monitor your blood pressure, oxygen intake and heart rate throughout your entire treatment session. Once treatment is complete, we stay with you until you are alert and ready to go home with your companion.

Why Choose Dr. Schneider for Sedation Dentistry
Dr. Schneider is an expert in sedation dentistry. Not only has he completed advanced post-doctoral training in the field of sedation dentistry, he has completed IV sedation treatment for over 200 patients in his care, and helped hundreds more patients through utilization of oral conscious sedation. Dr. Schneider is a member of Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.

If you have put off dental visits, or just dislike the stress dental visits create for you, our team would like to help you create a less stressful plan for care. Please call our smile care team to schedule your complimentary sedation consultation at (949)380-0700.